Private Equity

Private Equity

It comprises of investment funds from institutions and high net worth individuals. We have a strategic approach to define our clients capital financing objectives and understanding the debt and equity requirements.

We Render

  • To assist Companies in evaluating and finding the right partners who not only bring in growth capital but also provide significant value add in the scaling up of the process.

  • We specialize in facilitating such arrangement of funds for NPA accounts too.

We have developed rich network and working relations amongst Private Equity Investors, Investment Bankers, Industry Advisors, Financial Institutions and Banks all over the world. Our Associate Master Credit Banking Solutions Pvt Ltd is operating under the able mentorship of Mr. Murlidharan having a rich experience of 30 years, in advising Indian Corporates (Government Owned or Private Owned) and Foreign Companies. His track record in the field of Risk Advisory & Due Diligences is unparalleled. We play a vital role in guiding our clients through the process and endeavour to convince the Investors of the value in our clients deal.