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Posted Date: 02-09-2015 Posted By: user

In an old era, there were a handful of companies in India, which used to manufacture goods, daily use products, clothes, toys etc., for Indian consumers. However, foreign products entered and created a space in Indian Market with the support of British troop and captured it. As a result, Indian product manufacturing companies lost their grip from the market and got vanished from the market.

However, in the 21st century, the governance of Modi Sarkar came up with a motivational campaign called “Make In India’ to wake up those Indian manufacturing companies and started encouraging them to manufacture products in India. This new revolutionary step has spread positive waves in the Indian economical sector. It has shown a new hope for Indian entrepreneurs to rise.

Along with well-established businesses, this new initiative of ‘Make In India’ is also proving supportive to enthusiastic SMEs to come up with their unique business ideas and strengthen economic share of our country. Making India is a manufacturing hub for MNCs; thereby it is creating more opportunities for Indian SMEs.

Overall, MSMEs has played a major role in the throughout success of ‘Make In India and it has been profoundly described by Dr. Visswas Panse, NPA Consultant in their recent interview with a newspaper.

Check out the enlightening views of Dr. Visswas in the below newspaper cut out –

Making India a manufacturing hub for MNCs, thereby creating more opportunities for Indian SMEs