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Posted Date: 01-07-2015 Posted By: user

‘MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign, after reading out the name, it seems like it’s a campaign about building up India by encouraging home-ground businesses. However, unfortunately the real picture in different. Even though the campaign is about India, small and medium scale industries has not been considered. The flagship program doesn’t have a place for country’s own establishments, due to which the SMEs are feeling left out. In a recent coverage done by renowned business publication stated that “Make in India program did not highlight the contribution of small & medium enterprises in building the country’s manufacturing ability.”

Even after contributing the most in country’s total GDP, SMEs has been kept away from the flagship campaign, initiated for the development of India. A lot of issues of SME sector are lost in the noise of government. In spite of being a backbone of the country’s economy, still small and medium scale enterprises did not find sufficient weightage in the Government’s big-ticket schemes. Government often comes up with some or other schemes, but not all the SMEs can take a benefit of it due to the eligibility criteria or unsuitable scheme structure.

The way SMEs are dependent on Banks for Financial support; similarly they are dependent on Government for strong and encouraging home ground support. With Make In India, if the Indian Government desires to transform India into a global manufacturing hub, first they need to focus on the hurdles SMEs are facing while running their business, offer fruitful opportunities to grow, and increase employment. Because when Indian Industrial sector will flourish, stand out as a strong sector, and attract International industries, it will automatically become a global manufacturing target.