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How does NPA consultant help the stressed or NPA borrowers?

Posted Date: 10-10-2023 Posted By: user

We strongly believe that focusing on business revival is the real solution to set things back on track. Till such time it is essential to utilise financial resources in the most productive manner. Servicing loan EMI or interest by creating an additional debt burden will not help in long run. Rather it will further worsen the financial health. So our advice to a stressed or an NPA borrower is DONT fear NPA, try to buy time legally, don’t pay bank by new borrowings and protect the valuable assets until some funding arrangement is in place to enter into one time settlement in bank

npa management

We help in npa management and work out strategic solutions to bring the account out of NPA and revive the business. We look into various npa legal matters providing varied npa legal services. We have team of experienced npa lawyers who can provide DRT legal solutions, matters in National Company Law Tribunal, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal under the IBC Act. We also provide other services including npa settlement, npa loan takeover, npa ots funding.

What is your opinion on bank recoveries through personal assets of the guarantor under IBC?

This is another blow to the entrepreneurs in our country. While doing any business, the promoter is creating assets, generating employment, paying money to the exchequer in the form of various taxes, paid crores of rupees by way of taxes to the government, paid crores of rupees to the employees whereby so many families have survived. When business fails, he has no social security. Then why should one do business?

What kind of gratitude we express to our community of entrepreneurship?

I do agree that unscrupulous people having fraudulent mentality should be treated very sternly. To site an example:

Mr. Nirav Modi or Mr. Vijay Mallya defaulted. In the recovery process their business took a toll, assets became unproductive, lakhs of people got unemployed, lakhs of people deprived of their salaries who in turn could not service their loan obligations thus creating a rise in NPAs.

Is it in the interest of the nation to kill an operating unit? If banks can be nationalized then why can't you do the nationalization of these businesses? Do the nationalization of this business, re-establish them and again resell them.

Could you please elaborate on your idea of social security as recovery through revival and resolution expert?

It is more or less the same thing which I have said earlier, but still I want to elaborate it. The businessman over a period of time has contributed to the society, has contributed to the nation in the form of GDP, in the form of employment, in the form of taxation and many other ways. He is also adding to the infrastructures.

Having said that one has to look at business as a living being. And if at all it has to die, it has to die naturally. Not by coercion.

Our banking system, our legal system are killing them coercively. As a social thinking or as a rational thinking, you should protect the business, and the businessman so that his next generation does not fear joining the business and opt for some employment. There should be a motivation to become a job giver rather than becoming a job seeker.

In India, 95% of the population are brought up as a job seeker. Our socio-economic and educational system is such that when the child takes birth, parents give their best to provide education, emphasize on scoring good marks to make him/her outshine in a campus interview to be selected by some multinational company. In this way we are creating slave mentality.

Just the rest 5% of the population dare to do business. In spite of such situation, instead of supporting, protecting, promoting, encouraging them in difficult times, killing them is the easy way adopted in present time. Is it not a matter of grave concern and against the interest of entire Indian economy?