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Posted Date: 02-10-2015 Posted By: user

In a previous blog, we discussed about the reasons behind the upsurge in the numbers of SMEs getting the tag of ‘Non-Performing Asset’ by the banks. A lot of enthusiastic and passionate young entrepreneur start living up their dream of building a SME business; however, unfortunately it breaks down due to varied reasons and takes one into the darkness of depression. A washout of a business not only stresses the aspiring entrepreneur, but it also diminishes the opportunities of a developing nation to form a strong economic power. A vision of an entrepreneur is the future of a nation, hence, it is a need of an hour that financial sector should standup to support and encourage the prospective entrepreneur.

While, providing economical backup to SMEs, banks keep a sharp eye on the borrower’s accounts. They take preventive and corrective measures to avoid the possibilities of prospective accounts turning into NPAs. Majority of banks follow some strategic plans to control and tackle these cases. Banks may allocate a time limit for overdue accounts to payback the outstanding due - well before the borrower’s account becomes NPA. Banks take into account below mentioned descriptive aspects, while observing borrower’s accounts, even though the accounts are functioning well. So, let’s take a look, on what basis banks judge the potency of accounts and how SMEs can deal with it by keeping their accounts operational & healthy.

  • Delay in submission of control statements/stock statements/financial statements SMEs should submit their stock/control/financial statements in the given time frame. Late submission of statements might attract Bank’s troubling attention towards the account.
  • cheques issued by borrowers but dishonoured. Bounced cheques impose bankers to shift their focus towards the borrower’s account and track the account activities.
  • Regular enhancement of LC and non-payment within a reasonable duration
  • SMEs should avoid constant devolvement in LC within given time frame. The increasing frequency of non-payment and LC hampers your impression in front of bankers.

These and many other parameters decide the future approach of bankers towards the accounts. In the upcoming series of blogs, we will discuss further about, on what grounds banks term an account as ‘NON-PERFORMING ASSET’! So keep following us and keep your entrepreneurial spirit on!

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