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Effortless NPA Settlement with Expert Advice from NPA Consultants

Posted Date: 01-11-2023 Posted By: user

NPA or Non-Performing Asset is a bank loan that is subject to late repayment, or is unlikely to be repaid by the borrower in full. It is a big threat to the banking sector. It is because the banking sector depends on the rotation of the money, which is possible only when a loan is repaid timely, and the same money is distributed as a fresh loan.

When the money gets blocked due to NPA, it becomes mandatory for the bank to follow every possible step to bring it under control. One time NPA settlement is one of the most effective and user-friendly.

With the growing number of NPA in India, NPA Consultants are providing varied NPA services. They specialize in NPA management of the Companies undergoing the NPA recovery or liquidation process.

A NPA consultant acts as a Guide in crisis for clients who are facing a critical phase.

An NPA consultant always acts as a strong pillar and as a bridge between the client and the Lender Bank or financial institution for the settlement of NPA debt.

NPA Consultant: Hire NPA consultant who offers unparalleled service

Why do you need a specialist consultant to deal with the NPA issue? It is because a reliable consultant who has provided total guidance in pre and Post-NPA situations to their clients can provide structured solutions.

Not only can he educate the client about their rights as a borrower, but also, he can also educate them about their duties.

A NPA consultant can give a moral boost to the client. He explains that there is no need to get depressed in this stressful situation. It is possible to come out of NPA gradually if a systematic approach is followed.

The consultant also tells and educates the client about other possible alternative ways like NPA settlement. By that, one can come out of the difficult situation and reduce the NPA burden gradually.

He possesses an in-depth knowledge of NPA settlement and knows how to deal with the case. He can advise about following certain steps that can reduce the mental tension associated with NPA. These precautionary and corrective steps will protect the bank or financial institution from aggressive recovery measures.

A consultancy has a team of experts that comprises professionals, NPA and NCLT law specialists, and other legal experts. They know about the ins and outs of NPA settlement and can help their clients a lot.

All types of NPA settlements are offered

As mentioned in the blog, NPA Consultants do a successful task of facilitating their clients in various cases undergoing the insolvency resolution and liquidation process.

Consultants play a major role in arriving at an amicable NPA settlement with Banks. This process cannot be handled properly by the borrowers. Usually, they fail to do it at the end.

When a consultant is hired, clients get a one-stop solution for all possible legal angles of NPA. Some examples of these legal angles are DRT Legal solutions, DRAT, NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal), National Company Law Appellate Tribunal matters, NPA funding and NPA loan takeover, etc.

The top aim of NPA Consultants is to devise a deal that is found convenient by NPA borrowers, Banks, or Financial Institutions; thus, it becomes possible to build a win-win situation for both.

When you hire an NPA consulting company that has been in the business for a long time, you can assume that it will successfully come out with a win-win situation for all. Its systematic and practical approach and reasoning will be prudent for the banker. It will help to close outstanding NPA and improve the books of accounts.