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Posted Date: 12-02-2020 Posted By: user

The RBI has given an estimate that the asset value of banks will take a further bad shape by the end of September 2020. The gross NPA ratio for commercial banks may go as high as 9.9 percent from 9.3 percent at the beginning of the financial year. The reason is obviously the nationwide lockdown followed by an outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. The next two quarters will be equally bad as the situation is not going to be under control by the end of 2020. The situation of npa in india is going to be worse than expected.

Of course, the reasons are beyond our control and driven by the global scenario also. However, the government is taking concrete actions for better npa management. This blog talks about some measures.

  • The banks should identify early that there is a non-payment and report it promptly to the CRILC or Central Repository of Information on Large Credits.
  • Also, the non-banking finance companies should recognize stress in an account before it goes into the state of NPA. There is a recommendation for creating a special category called SMA or Special Mention Account. It will reduce the burden of more accounts turning into NPA and putting pressure on npa recovery process.
  • These three categories will be SMA-0 that will be within one to 30 days, SMA-1 that will be within 31 to 60 days, and SMA-2 within 61 to 90 days. Surely, these measures will reduce NPA cases and the financial institutes and banks will have to put less effort on npa account settlement.
  • The establishment of NCLT is another important measure to keep NPA under control. The cases are handled by nclt lawyers india who are specialists in dealing with these issues.

Other than that, various corrective measures are being taken to keep NPA under control. A few examples are, a lot of focus is on preventive methods such as considering CIBIL score before indulging in fresh lending, provide the benefit of the latest schemes announced by the Government to all eligible borrowers as soon as possible taking strict actions against NPA accounts who have intentionally defaulted, and so on.

The efforts will bring down the percentage of NPA and improve the economy.