Sanjay Dhavalikar

I stood as a guarantor to one loan in a Co-op Bank. As the principle borrower could not repay three subsequent installments, account was declared as NPA by the Bank. The Bank recovery process started and was on a fast track as the loan amount was huge i.e. around Rs. 1.7 cr. Being guarantor, I was also pulled in the recovery process and was issued notices.

Finally, the Hon. Co-Op Court, issued award in favor of the Bank and then Bank initiated their recovery process. Today, Co-Op Banks can initiate the recovery action against guarantor along with the main borrower, and, accordingly, I was served the recovery notice whereby the Bank issued salary attachment notice to me.

With this sudden action, I was really baffled and was under a shock. At that point, one of my friend advised me to visit Dr.Visswas He simply said, you just go and meet him and you may get solution there.

I have already informed how valuable is his guideline in the above paragraphs for SME Industry pertaining to NPA. His guidance tells the Banks to give enough time to the entrepreneur for recovery process and in him the Industry has got an Intelligent and real advisor in NPA matters.

When I went to him, I was totally down and somehow could explain him entire situation. I have also shown the papers related to matter to him.

Initially, he mentioned, you are already late but he would be able to help me. With this sentence, I was more worried, however, after this he spent 20 minutes explaining me the entire process and method through which the solution can be arrived.

He gave me a solution, by just hearing this solution, I was really happy and tense free. He explained the process, time lines and charges involved, which I found very reasonable. I immediately accepted and requested him to go ahead in the direction shown by him.

He got the desired result as mentioned within the time lines mentioned by him. Although, I was late, going to him, I got the stay for my salary attachment recovery within 3-4 days. I was really happy.

I think going to him was the best possible and perfect solution. I must say, the 20 minutes initial time spent by me with Dr.Visswas, gave me immense confidence. He is really an authority in the subject. He delivers what he says, within the prescribed time. He himself is so confident and motivating, you feel rest assured about your results.