Amarendra Mulay

"As a person who had just come back from U.S.A., with due discussions with the Industry facing bad times there, I was thinking of attending many such seminars here on SME’s – which talk of SME’s Importance as it is and their Problems.

At that same time Mrs. Aarti Sharma approached me and showed me Dr. Paanse’s CV. It had the impressive Emblem on top which said “Udayam Jyota Pradipakam”, and I thought that let us hear this Proud Indian. Secondly Rotary is a conglomerate of Business and Professional people who so often silently suffer if they are making lossess and they hence might get some tips, to correct their path through his lecture, was my view.

The one utmost benefit the Industry Captain’s derived through his talk was that “Yes” there is someone like Dr. Paanse who can save their Industry from Bank rogues. There has not been an example to my knowledge that the Industrialist worked for the downfall of his Industry or making lossess. But the banks who have achieved so much while the same Industry was doing well has turned it’s back while problems exist and that also by giving the person 90 day notice, which is too short a period for such a person to correct his many year’s path, realize his mistake and make a comeback. His advice of stop Bank Payments first was the right kind of advice but SME should take all the actions under his guidelines as he is an Industry and Legal expert too.

I have already informed how valuable is his guideline in the above paragraphs for SME Industry pertaining to NPA. His guidance tells the Banks to give enough time to the entrepreneur for recovery process and in him the Industry has got an Intelligent and real advisor in NPA matters.

Dr. Paanse gave an extremely Educative and Informative lecture and he also has that extra knack of confidence building in the SME Owners, that they are not alone in fighting their battles with Debtors and Creditors. In fact the Industrialist hence will be able to rehabilitate with properly negotiated deals which will satisfy all those who worked as sub – contractors, etc. and not loose this SME."


With Warm Regards,
President Amarendra Mulay (Amar)
Rotary Club of Mumbai Sion – 2016-17