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Your Guide in Crisis

Dr. Visswas ( Ex. Banker)
B.Com, LL.B., M.A. (Eco.),
ACS, A.I.I.A. (USA), Ph.D. (U.K)


(10.30 AM to 6.30 PM)

Client Testimonial

(5/5 Stars)

As a person who had just come back from U.S.A., with due discussions with the Industry facing bad times there, I was thinking of attending many such seminars here on SME’s – which talk of SME’s Importance as it is and their Problems. At that same time Mrs. Aarti Sharma approached me and showed me Dr. Paanse’s CV. It had the impressive Emblem

Amarendra Mulay (Rotary Club President)

(5/5 Stars)

“ I was highly Impressed by Dr. Visswas ( Ex. Banker) advice and it has given me Moral boost and it has regain my Confidence in dealing with Banks for N PA problems. And I was also successful in giving legal reply to the bank . The banker always Manipulate the borrower on legal issues for which the borrower are not self sufficient in legal “

testmonials user
(5/5 Stars)

“ I stood as a guarantor to one loan in a Co-op Bank. As the principle borrower could not repay three subsequent installments, account was declared as NPA by the Bank. The Bank recovery process started and was on a fast track as the loan amount was huge i.e. around Rs. 1.7 cr. Being guarantor, I was also pulled in the recovery “

testmonials user
(5/5 Stars)

“Problems are always perceived in a pessimistic notion broadly by all individuals in the society however post my first meeting with you I realised that it is indeed an opportunity for new exploration. Your guidance to me & our organisation has always been vital proving a constructive force allowing us to proceed in a direction by means of a logical, lawful “

Akshat Khetan (BMS, MBA(Finance), ), CFA (Cfa Institute))

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