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In our last post ‘The Role of MSMEs in the Success Of ‘MAKE IN INDIA’, we discussed about the importance of MSMEs in the success of ‘Make In India’ scheme. However, it seems that Modi Government’s Make in India is going to fail due to the negligence of Government and RBI towards SMEs and NPA issue. ...

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MAKE IN INDIA’ campaign, after reading out the name, it seems like it’s a campaign about building up India by encouraging home-ground businesses. However, unfortunately the real picture in different. Even though the campaign is about India, small and medium scale industries has not been considered...

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SME’s have been the neglected arm of the Indian economy, an economy obsessed with the industrial giants tends to overlook the contributing aspects of the SME’s. When it comes to the Indian context, SMEs generate more than 55% of industrial value added year on year and 90% of total establishments...

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