Your Guide in Crisis
Dr. Visswas Panse
B.Com, LL.B., M.A. (Eco.), ACS, A.I.I.A. (USA), Ph.D. (U.K)


Bank Settlements


We help and guide the client on how to deal with aggressive recovery bankers. It is observed that the Bankers are not observing RBI guidelines and statutory provisions in a rightful manner.

The present legal structure like DRT,Sarfaeci act,Co-operative courts are generally in favour of your Banks.Therefore we need to search right points to counter attack the bankers to bring them on amicable settlement terms.

At times, we have initiated legal action not only against bank officers but the entire Board of directors.We do not hesitate to take initiate criminal course of action against them for the breach of constructive trust, misuse of fiduciary relationship, unlawful gain for the bank adopting unfair trade practices,using physical and psychological force against genuine borrowers.

We have even held the bank responsible for the trauma undergone by the borrower for purposeful misguiding and creating undue pressure on him for the recoveries.

It is to be noted that Indian constitution adopted the concept of welfare state and Bank are define as a state as per the constitution.

We engage the battery of competent lawyers as and when required and also provide them the right inputs and briefs including the copies of latest circulars and the citations of the Honorable Supreme court, High court etc.