Akshat Khetan

Dear Dr Visswas,

Problems are always perceived in a pessimistic notion broadly by all individuals in the society however post my first meeting with you I realised that it is indeed an opportunity for new exploration.

Your guidance to me & our organisation has always been vital proving a constructive force allowing us to proceed in a direction by means of a logical, lawful & analytical approach further arriving at a proactive conclusion. I have always experienced the 4Cs of Coherency, Coaction, Consistency & Convergence in all your professional deliverances.

We have always found a vision & yes an urge in you for the expansion, flourishment & voluminous growth of the SME sector.

I pray the Almighty to continue giving you the strength you possess capable of elevating the whole aspect of Entrepeunership into a new realm of knowledge, enlightenment & success.

With Sincere Regards,
Akshat Khetan {BMS, MBA(Finance), CFA (Cfa Institute)}.

Vice President (Operations)
Vishal Malleables Limited

Alpine Ceramic Industries Limited